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domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Gear Guidelines for level 100 Toons by Olebenny - site eternal destiny

*IMPORTANT* this is a PvE guide and **NOT** a PvP guide so please do not blame me if you use this in the Moors and fail epically.
What armour is there and how do I get it?
5 slot osgiliath armour – cost 20 morgul crests per piece and you get morgul crests from completing osgiliath instances
0 slot osgiliath armour with set bonuses – chance for armour boxes to drop from chest in osgiliath instances. 2 pieces per instance. (aka you can only get gloves and chest piece from ruined city)
4 slot DA armour – bartered for with silver and golden tokens of Dol Amroth which you can buy on the AH or get from the daily training exercise in DA
3 slot MT bartered armour – Do southern and northern gate dailies to get smith and builders tokens where you barter for the 3 slot armour
3 slot MT crafted armour – Any anorien tier metalsmith/tailor can craft this armour for you.
What armour should I be using?
It does not matter what toon you play, in PvE the 5 slot osgiliath armour will always be the best gear when it comes to getting the best possible stats but by no means do you need 5 slot armour.
DPS – For DPS classes (melee, physical, ranged, and tactical) the 4 slot might/will/agility (119 base stat) DA armour is 2nd best to 5 slot but if you are low on gold and don’t want to find 4 essences (especially morale essences) the 3 slot Minas Tirith daily armour is very good (128 base might/will/agility stat and 824 morale [half way between a major and greater essence of morale])
Tanks – Again, 5 slot armour trumps everything but in my honest opinion, the crafted Minas Tirith armour is very exceptional for Cappy and Guard tanks because it gives you 1041 morale (more than a supreme) and 90 fate leaving you only 3 slots to gear out with expensive morale essences. Wardens find agility useful so a warden tank may benefit from the 4 slot agility based DA armour.
Healers – Healers can use any armour listed above, and they can use them effectively. DA and Minas Tirith daily armour help give healers some of their will whereas the crafted armour helps give them some of their morale and fate (if you need fate)
What about Osgiliath armour bonuses?
Osgiliath armour is not a necessity but is very useful on some classes. Below is a list of classes that should definitely make an effort to get Osgiliath armour for the bonus:
Captain (red line) – 4 set bonus gives you a chance to reset oathies with Shadow Lament
Burglar (debuffing) – 4 set bonus increases trick duration by 5 seconds
Beorning (healing) – 2 set bonus increases critical healing magnitude by 20%                                                                                                                                      Warden (red line) – 2 set bonus increases DOT pules by 2
Osgiliath armour bonus sets that ARE NOT recommended over essence gear but can be used as replacement
Rune Keeper (fire) – 2 set bonus increased fire DOT pulses by 2
Champ (AOE and the red line set) – 2 set bonus increases line specific skills damage by 10%
Lore Master (red line) – 2 set bonus increases fire damage by 10%
Hunter (red line) – 2 set bonus decreases cooldown of swift bow by 3s, 4 set allows for a chance to get instant Heart Seekers
Whoa, what about Jewellery?
Unless you are using a Big Battle set bonus then crafted essence jewellery with 126 base might/will/agility and 809 morale is always the way to go with 3 essence slots. The 252 base might/agility/will 3 slot jewellery is good as well (drop from epic line quests and Osgiliath instances)
Big Battle jewellery that you should definitely make an effort to get:
Guard (dps) – Earring and Necklace for 10% bleed damage increase
Guard (tank) – Earring and Necklace for a 5s increase in force taunt duration
Mini (heals) – Earring and Necklace for a flat 10% increase in outgoing healing
Rune Keeper (heals) – Earring and Necklace for a flat 10% increase in HOTS
Captain (tank) – Earring and Necklace for Shield of the Dunedain duration increase
Captain (tank) – Ring, Bracelet, Pocket for 10% additional mitigation to your fellowship (chance to proc on every hit, proc chance is 10%)
Burglar (dps) – Ring, Bracelet, Pocket for 10% chance on every attack to increase crit chance by 10% and crit magnitude by 50%
Warden (dps) – Ring, Bracelet, Pocket for additional bleed
BB jewellery that IS NOT recommended over essence jewellery but can be substituted
Mini (heals) – Ring, Bracelet, Pocket for 10% chance to heal 10% of targets max morale
Champ (dps) – Earring and Necklace for 10% AOE damage increase
Lore Master (dps) – Earring and Necklace for 5% increase in tactical damage
Hunter (dps) – Earring and Necklace for a 10% increase in Induction Damage
Mini (dps) – Ring, Bracelet, Pocket for 10% chance on hit to reduce target’s resistance rating to 0 for 10seconds
Great, you got the gear, now what?
Every class starts with their defences.
Mitigations first. IMPORTANT It is common belief that T2 raids slice through 7k tactical mitigation so for T2 raids try to be overcapped by at least 5k. Do not bother capping fell-wrought and orc-craft mitigations for PvE, the only exceptions for orc-craft are for the 3 man RC T2C or Ettenmoors but Ettenmoors armour is a topic for a different guide
*The caps for mitigation listed below DO NOT include the overcap suggestion, you can add 5k to the number, I believe in you*
Heavy armour – Cap is at 60% or roughly 16k mitigation
Medium – Cap is at 50% or roughly 18.5k mitigation (yes, it is suppose to be higher than heavy armour)
Light – Cap is at 40% or roughly 12.5k mitigation
DPS classes should aim for 21k morale or higher whereas tanks are all over the place but usually over 42k morale. Healers seem to sit anywhere between 25k and 32k from what I have seen since they do not need as much mastery as DPS classes do (will expand on that below). Cappies can shoot for more morale easily since they do not need as much mastery because they are not DPS classes.
Crit Defence?
DPS classes should NEVER wear more than *1* (melee might consider wearing *2*) crit defence essences for PvE. No class should ever go much over 60% (tanks and healers) since the diminishing returns become very heavy.
DPS classes should NEVER wear any resistance what so ever. Tanks on the other hand should have more than about 23% and healers can wear their resistance at where they find it comfortable although being a tactical class, healers will already have a lot of resistance from their will
No class should slot B/P/E unless you are a Guardian or Captain *tank*. At that you would be well off at 24% B/P and 14% E. Warden tanks can build much of their B/P/E from skills and should consider not slotting that many B/P/E essence. DPS and Healers do NOT need B/P/E for PvE
Incoming Healing
Only tanks need incoming healing!!!! Healer *might* consider 1 or 2 essence but DPS do not need incoming healing *essences* but DO consider using the relics on your legendary items like True Setting of the North which gives you 1600 incoming healing. Do not sacrifice essences for incoming healing
Time for Offenses **BUT** make sure your *defences* are in order first ^^^^^^^^^^
DPS – Tactical classes need about 11k finesse since they only have to deal with resistance but all physical classes need about 15.5k+
Tanks – Guard tanks do not need Finesse but warden, beorning and captain tanks should have 12k+ finesse since so much of their aggro relies on a skill landing unlike force taunts in the sense of a guardian.
Debuffing Lore Masters and Burgs – Look for 13k+ finesse to make sure your debuffs land since they can make or break a raid.
Healers – YOU DO NOT NEED FINESSE FOR HEALING! There we go, got that out of my system.
Crit Rating
DPS – All DPS should look to cap their critical rating at 16.8k which is 25% (can be 30% for certain classes that have flat crit rating increase like rune keeper)
Healer – Same as DPS
Tanks – Do not need crit rating
Mastery. *IMPORTANT NOTE* always use *mastery* essences instead of base stat essences because you get more mastery and do not need the extra buffs from base stats **BUT** if you are not rich enough for physical masteries, might/agility will still work (same goes for will and tact mastery) so do not rule them out just use masteries if they are available to you. (Captains are the only class that is recommended to use a base stat instead of mastery [might] so it affects their heals also and they aren’t really DPS classes)
DPS – If everything above is checked off then go crazy with mastery and get it as high as you can. A good benchmark for raids is having over 60k mastery and everything above checked off
Healer, Mini – 50k mastery puts you at 70% outgoing healing and then diminishing results take place. Hit 50k and then add more morale
Healer, RK – 59k mastery is good for rk since their outgoing healing is higher than mini’s, once you hit that get some more morale.
Healer, Beorning – 50k mastery is good, more morale, same as mini
Tanks – You do not need mastery for a tank. That simple.
Anything I should know about essences before I start slotting the ones I need?
DO NOT USE VITALITY! Whoo, got that out of my system as well. Morale essences give more morale than vitality essences so never ever ever use a vitality essence, especially tanks. We need all the morale we can get, even a major morale give more morale than a supreme vitality.
Do not hate on major essences. Most greater essences (cause you don’t need supremes to be well geared) are dropping in price lately but those darn greater essences of morale are still crazy expensive. Don’t buy em, use major morales if they are easier to get.
This will sound like bragging but to give you an idea of what a raid ready toon looks like, my Rune Keeper wears *8* major essences of morale and only has 2 supreme essences (a critical defense and a physical mitigation). Even though I have 53 essences in total, I only wear 2 supremes and they are cheap supremes, and 8 of my 10 morale essences are majors yet I can survive and do very exceptional dps in raids.

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